Happy birthday

Happy birthday, blog. On October 17, 2015, this blog’s first post was published. I am looking forward to another year of blogging and I do hope to be able to publish a second birthday post – although no promises are made.

Thank you very much Lionel Vial and Aujain Eghbali for your contributions up to now. You are welcome back on this blog any time. Other contributors are also welcome, even for a short message. Anonymous contributions may also be accepted.

A few stats for those who are interested. At this point the blog has a little bit more than 70 email subscribers. Thank you all. The link for subscribing is at the bottom of the left banner. The blog has had approximately 13,500 page views so far. The best score ever was 628 views in a single day when Laurent Teyssèdre kindly mentioned the blog in a post of his own famous blog. Thank you so much for this huge publicity.

The home page and some permanent pages are the most viewed ones. Other than that, the most popular post ever was the April fools’ joke on the UPC. Makes me think that I should quit reading case law decisions and start a career in hoaxes. Then, the next most popular ones are generally in the pharma field, this one being the winner.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of search queries which led visitors to this blog remain unknown to the blogmaster, but a tiny minority are known (this all depends on which search engine is used as far as I understand), and it makes you realize that sometimes the search results must have been quite disappointing for the searchers.

For instance, someone looking for a “patent for poison” was led to this post on poisonous divisionals; another person wanting to translate “the remedy may be worse than the disease” into French landed on a report by Lionel Vial on Merck v. Actavis; last but not least, a reader interested in “nice models” ended up on another (gorgeous) report by Lionel Vial, this time on disease models and their importance for the appraisal of sufficiency of disclosure.

This may also be a good time to ask readers about their thoughts on the blog and their opinion on how it could be improved:

  • Would you like to read more about EPO case law? Or to read only about French case law?
  • Should the posts be more succinct?
  • Should I switch to French because no foreign reader can possibly have any interest in what is discussed here?
  • Are there topics which have not been addressed yet and which should?
  • What about posting frequency?
  • Should my sentences be shorter and contain less passive voice as the blog editor keeps telling me?

Comments and private messages are welcome.

Enough celebrated. Let's extinguish the candles right now.
Enough celebrated. Let’s extinguish the candles right now.

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