A glimpse of the UPC

With the Brexit situation and the constitutional complaint in Germany, we have gotten accustomed to the Unified Patent Court (UPC) being somewhat on the back burner of our daily preoccupations.

But who knows. If and once the above serious roadblocks are removed, it may still see the light of day sooner rather than later. We should thus still be prepared for what comes next.

And is there any more pleasant way to get prepared than to get a glimpse of the future Parisian seat of the court? So far very little information had leaked. But courtesy of my colleague Patrick Marollé, we now have more details.

Indeed, Patrick had the privilege to attend the 5th France-China conference on law and Justice yesterday. And one of the highlights of this meeting with Chinese judges was a visit to the building which will host the UPC if/when it is open for business.

It turns out that the UPC will be located on the Quai de la Mégisserie.

The main advantage of this location is that it is as central as can be, a few steps away from Châtelet-Les Halles, the main hub of the Paris public transportation system. Quite appropriately, the building overlooks the Ile de la Cité and more particularly the Cour de cassation.

As an important note, Patrick has been told that this is in fact a provisional location for the first years once the court opens. As more cases start coming in, the court may move, possibly across the river, to the Palais de justice on the Ile de la Cité.

In fact, there should be plenty of room available in this historical complex, now that the Paris Tribunal de grande instance has moved to its new building in the Batignolles neighborhood.

So here are a few snapshots, that you can compare with those of the other UPC sites already made public. Looks like they will all be very different. But I would say you probably can’t compete with the view from the Quai de la Mégisserie…

There it is.
Looking at the UPC building from the Cour de cassation, across the river.
A closer view on the building.
Yes, it does still feel a little bit empty.

No need to stay an extra night to see the Eiffel tower, you can enjoy the view from the court.

Notre-Dame… Still standing.

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